Volunteer program to help the Central region

Thiện nguyện miền trung lần 2

The volunteer group of Hikari Group and Yen Lung village – An Khanh – Hoai Duc – Hanoi completed the 2nd volunteering trip to the central region (November 10-14) in excitement.

From Hanoi, the delegation directly came and hand-delivered gifts to people in Huong Viet, Huong Lap (Quang Tri) and Phuoc Cong and Phuoc Chanh (Quang Nam) communes, where both people and property suffered damage after the consecutive storms. You have to come here directly to understand the difficulties that they have been and are facing. The group’s gifts seem to be small. However, seeing the bright smiles, or the image of the ladies peeling off the cakes to eat immediately and nodding their praises, the group felt warm again!

On behalf of the Hikari Group and Yen Lung village volunteers, we sincerely thank the Hikari Group staff, benefactors and Yen Lung villagers for their unanimity and support for the program.

The country is still poor, the natural disease epidemic is increasingly complicated. We hope that the spirit of solidarity of the Vietnamese people will always be promoted, whether during storms or floods or in the process of building the economy and the country. For our people to reduce difficulties, for our country to develop more and more!

Proud Vietnam!

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