Opening the first spring of the year at Hikari Group

On the 7th and 8th days of the Lunar New Year, Hikari Group’s staff and employees were present in large numbers at the headquarters of member companies to attend the “Spring Opening Ceremony” with the desire that businesses enter a new year with new successes. The New Year meeting of Hikari Group took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere.

At the spring opening ceremony, the company’s employees were delighted to welcome the Hikari Group’s Board of Directors to wish the New Year, Chairman Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong sent New Year wishes to the company’s employees for a new year of health, happiness and success. new in production and business activities in 2022.


At the ceremony, in turn, the leaders of Hikari Group: Mr. Le Duy Hoi, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Mr. Vu Thien Chuong, sent New Year greetings, good health, and good health to all employees of the company. and wish the company a lot of success, sending confidence in the company’s sustainable development in the new spring of 2022.

In the joy and joy of the first day of the year, everyone raised a glass to congratulate the new year.

In addition to the best wishes, all employees of the Company also received lucky money envelopes at the beginning of the year.

The joy and joy of employees of Hikari Group in the first days of the year is like dispelling the chaos of the old year and welcoming a new year that promises luck and success to the Company.

On this occasion, Hikari Group would also like to wish our customers and friends a prosperous, happy, healthy and successful new year!

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