Kỷ niệm 01 năm ngày thành lập Hikari A&E

Happy birthday Hikari A&E – the day “Brothers” turn 1 year old.

At Hikari A&E, birthdays are not too fancy. There is no round table, but there is plenty of laughter.

The brother’s son set up the table, set up the chair, and walked around in a mess. Upstairs still heard shouting at each other loudly, after all, they had to give each other a few zô zô . Daughter is a beauty queen, sitting and shaking her legs.

At Hikari A&E, taking photos must be fast, because you can create products….but not good at posing- take 5 pictures like 2 :)))

At Hikari A&E, after work, the positions are now collectively known as brothers.


Choose a career in engineering, which accepts hard work. Going to work as well as going to be a bride of hundreds of families, both hands and feet are greasy and satisfied customers. Today is your birthday, your day. Being the main character, being congratulated, they are also the most handsome and the most beautiful.



Being an independent and new entity, the difficulty is even greater. Wishing Hikari A&E brothers and sisters steady, united, striving for further development. Always be happy, sincere like the brothers and sisters like my name.

All brothers in the great family of Hikari Group are always standing by.

Happy Birthday Hikari A&E

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